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Delivery Day
Delivey Day

Delivery Day is what we affectionately call the day we meet customers to pick up the products they have ordered during "order week".  Unless there is a holiday that causes a conflict Delivery Day is always the first Tuesday of the month.

We meet people in Viewmont in the Goodwill parking lot at 12:15pm and usually stay until 12:45pm.

If you cannot meet in Viewmont you may pick up in Mountain View from 2-6pm on Delivery Day. 

You may pick up most any other day in Mountain View but you will need to schedule that preferably 24 hours in advance.

Order Week
Order Week

Order week is what we affectionately call the only week of the month that all products are "in stock" and available to order.  You can connect with our CALENDAR here.  To help notify you when inventory is open there will be a social media post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and a NEWSLETTER emailed.  Click HERE to sign up for the newsletter.

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